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Welcome to Demi Style Source, your Number 1 source for Demi Lovato's style. You may know Demi from Disney's Sonny With A Chance & Camp Rock franchise, or her two albums, Here We Go Again, and Don't Forget. DSS contains over 2,200 guides on how to dress like Demi, do your hair like Demi, or do your make,up like Demi. Enjoy your stay!
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Los Angeles (4)

What You Will Need:
~Foundation~Concealer~All Over Shimmer~Gold and Silver Body Glitter~Grey/Silver Eyeshadow~Black Eyeliner~Mascara~Eyebrow Pencil~Clear Lip Gloss~

-> Wash face as needed.
-> Apply concealer and foundation if necessary.
-> Apply an all-over shimmer all over your face.
-> Apply grey shimmery eyeshadow to top lid, to bone above eye.
-> Apply black eyeliner very thickly to top lid. Make sure that liner wings out of outside corner. Wing it upwards, and finish it very close to the end of your eyebrow. Apply apply eyeliner to bottom lid, below lashes.
-> Apply mascara.
-> Use pencil to shade in eyebrows.
-> Apply gloss
-> Take silver glitter and apply very thickly in an arch around your eye, and then back out again away from face.
-> Use the gold glitter and apply a little lighter coat, outside of silver lines.