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Welcome to Demi Style Source, your Number 1 source for Demi Lovato's style. You may know Demi from Disney's Sonny With A Chance & Camp Rock franchise, or her two albums, Here We Go Again, and Don't Forget. DSS contains over 2,200 guides on how to dress like Demi, do your hair like Demi, or do your make,up like Demi. Enjoy your stay!
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Makeup time!

Here’s eleven guides for you guys! Enjoy! Also, please comment, I love reading them and knowing you guys visit the site!

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7 Responses to “Makeup time!”

  1. Angel Says:

    Hey! omg this is a great site! i love the guides and i love that you update regularly…
    Thanks soo much :)

  2. Devonne Says:

    You’re awesome!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  3. Kayleigh Says:

    I love this site so much! You do an awesome job! Thanks for making new makeup guides! They are wonderful! =)

  4. Emily Says:

    these are amazing! LOVE THIS SITE SO MUCH! thank youuu <3

  5. Kim Says:

    This is one of the best sites to ever hit this planet, I swear

  6. Tanika Says:

    You should really write the colors that each product should be. Instead of just writing “apply blush”
    You should put “apply a peach blush” . Or whatever the color is. If you need help with makeup, I can do them. :)
    Good job with the site:)

  7. katie williams Says:

    demi i love it you really know fashoin and ito love this website

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