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Bracelet ordering information for the next two weeks

I wanted to post and inform you guys how orders would be done for the next two weeks. I’m going on vacation, so as of now, any orders placed will be shipped on Monday. After this, until Wednesday, orders will be shipped on Thursday. I will be restocking Wednesday until Thursday. After sunday night, the bracelet ordering page will be temporarily down until Saturday while I am away on a week vacation. I’m sorry for this inconvenience, but the bracelet orders will be a little out of sorts, but will be back to normal by the 28th! Thank you for being so patient with this.

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  1. Mamadou Says:

    about her..As for Jemi making up, Zack did her Mom Deanna pay you AGAIN to say this crap The futhrest thing on Joe’s mind right now is Demi and her ongoing problems!!!!As for the lunatics STILL blaming Ashley Get a life!! Ashley had nothing to do with Demi’s problems as they stem from years back and will continue to be a problem if her fans keep mouthing out rubbish..Demi has been fighting her demons for years and it all goes back to the fact her family & friends keep selling her out all the time Not once has Joe or Ashley or The Jonas clan said anything BAD about Demi considering the hell she put them through with the tour and all They are Classy and know how to shut the hell up unlike Demi’s friends & family Zack you say your a friend of Demi and her family..If so, these outlandish blogs have got to stop if you want her to properly recover from all this mess..This is not helping her at all!!!

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