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Welcome to Demi Style Source, your Number 1 source for Demi Lovato's style. You may know Demi from Disney's Sonny With A Chance & Camp Rock franchise, or her two albums, Here We Go Again, and Don't Forget. DSS contains over 2,200 guides on how to dress like Demi, do your hair like Demi, or do your make,up like Demi. Enjoy your stay!
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By Ali on July 21, 2015 • Comments Off on Let’s try some trial & error

So last night, I started to look at the bracelets (which are still on sale!) and I just got depressed. After so long of doing this site, had it really seen its’ last days?

So I’m going to try some guides again, recent ones. I’ll gladly do some requests(tweet me @demistylesource) and just see where it takes me! The bracelets are on a huge sale right now, so check them out asap!

Tell me what you want to see now. I’m bring back the instagram so let me know, what do you want?

I love all of you!

By Ali on January 3, 2015 • Comments Off on It’s Been A While

And unfortunately, I have no content here to post. But this is long overdue, and I feel I probably owe a lot of you an explanation. There isn’t some deep story about my life and things changing, but I feel that my focus and desires changed. I still love Demi, always will, but I just lost my real love for matching her clothing. Maybe because I didn’t really like her wardrobe, or something, but I became so stressed and overworked and it honestly wasn’t healthy.

I’m still selling bracelets. I’ve got quite a lot still that I think I’ll start to discount for you guys. I’ll try to update the bracelet stock page. One bracelet that won’t come back is Stay Strong. Unfortunately, the demand is not strong enough to get more. I’ll be going through what I have with bracelets and update the page, and maybe post on ebay any that are older and not normally sold.

Again, I’m sorry about this overdue post. Maybe I’ll come back, I’m not sure. Feel free to message me on twitter(@demistylesource) or email at demistylesource@gmail.com. Thanks guys.

By Ali on March 26, 2014 • 1 Comment

Hey guys, I’ve got 12 new guides for you all! I’m really trying to keep up with it all, but tour time is always strenuous. Hopefully Demi will be a little slower once she finishes up, which will help me with the backlog of stuff that needs to be done. I’ve got a lot to work on the backend of things, but I’ll keep you all updated. Enjoy!

By Ali on March 11, 2014 • 1 Comment

So I am back from my vacation(have been for about a week and a half, so sad, it was AMAZING) and I am currently working on catching up. The previous week was a lot of stuff off in the real world, so this would have been earlier, but I simply didn’t have time. But I am near about caught up!

While on vacation, I was incredibly lucky to win a radio contest to meet Demi at her Tampa concert! I also got to see her do an interview, and she was so sweet, and just gorgeous in person. I was lucky enough to give her Nightingale and Warrior bracelets, and told her what I’ve been doing for the past few years. She looked me in the eyes, and thanked me, so sincerely, it is up there in the top moments of my life. I’m very lucky to have all the opportunities that include meeting her, and doing this site. I just wanted to thank you all for continually coming back to this site. This is the longest thing I’ve committed to, and I really work my hardest to make everything as best as I can.

Enough with the sap, here are 12 new guides! I’m going to be working on more tomorrow, so hopefully there will be another update then! Enjoy!

By Ali on February 19, 2014 • Comments Off on New Guides, Bracelet Downtime

Seven guides for you! Sorry I’ve been a bit spacey, I’m about to go on vacation, so my head is all over the place. Unfortunately, with my vacation, it means bracelets will be down. The downtime will be late 2/21 until early 3/1. Sorry for the inconvienence. If it wasn’t just me, I would be able to keep it up.

After the vaca, I’m going hard! Back to the backlog of updating guides AND doing all the soundchecks! Get pumped! And keep up with my twitter to see what’s up!

By Ali on February 10, 2014 • Comments Off on Neon Lights Tour!

The Neon Lights Tour is FINALLY here! I’ve got the first outfit, plus soundcheck outfit for you, as well as Demi departing LAX. :)

And for anyone going to the Neon Lights Tour, we are giving away an EXCLUSIVE bracelet! If you’re attending any US or Canada, you may be eligible to get the bracelet! Some dates are filed, but email Inq Heart for more details!

Enjoy everyone!!!

By Ali on February 4, 2014 • 1 Comment

I’m still working on the backlog of old guides(I was sick for the last two days, which I had hoped would help me get work done, but my energy was shot.) but the lovely Charlotte has supplied us with some great new makeup guides! Enjoy!

By Ali on January 29, 2014 • Comments Off on Back after Demi’s break!

Since Demi went on a break, we kinda went on a break. But we’re back at it! Here are two new guides for you guys. I should have some more edited guides over the weekend and LOTS of makeup! Charlotte has been plugging away, she’s amazing!

Yay for 2014 guides!

By Ali on January 6, 2014 • 1 Comment

I know this is a few days early(even though I got the day wrong like five times this past week, haha), but it’s DSS’s FIFTH BIRTHDAY!!! The site has been here for five years, which is incredible. I honestly never thought I’d still be here. My life has changed so much, partially in thanks to this site. It’s given me a passion, some great friends, and a million memories. I would not be here without all of you faithful visitors, who have kept me going! So thank you to all of you, I truly mean it. And here’s to five more years! 😉

As you can see, we have a GORGEOUS new layout, done by Pink Retro Designs. I am so excited to finally put it. It’s gorgeous, and perfect, and it really shows that DSS is moving in new and better directions!

I am still working on the backlog of old guides and updating them. The holidays were intense, seeing as I couldn’t update, but thank you for being patient while I got my stuff together. I vow to be much better at updating and easier to access. I’m hoping to post more on tumblr, as well as facebook, and as always, twitter. This new layout features my tweets and a link to the DSS facebook page. Hit it up! I’m really working on lots of background stuff.

Affiliates are back! I have cleared out the old ones(something I should’ve done ages ago) and we’re starting fresh. If you would like to be affiliates with this site, just hit up the link off to the side!

The donate button is also back! I had to remove it because I was getting a ridiculous amount of spam. But it’s back. So if you have any exact, be it an old picture or new, send it my way. Since I’m updating old guides, it does help!

Finally, guides! I have new style and makeup guides for you! How exciting! Enjoy guys, and please comment! Happy new year, and happy birthday DSS!!!

By Ali on December 17, 2013 • Comments Off on Finally caught up!

Actually I have a few photoshoot guides to do, but I’m almost there! Woohoo!!!

Tonight is the last night to order domestically to guarantee Christmas delivery!!!!

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